Comprehensive Family Dentistry in North Seattle

Linda Johnson D.D.S.

You can be assured that the focus is your health and well being. Preventive dentistry is the key. You are not a number. Dr. Johnson will take the time to know you and takes pride in being a smaller practice that can spend quality time with every patient, creating long-term relationships. She believes in honesty and integrity, treating every customer as if they were a family member. It is about quality over quantity.

​As a second generation Seattle dentist, Dr. Johnson is a full-service, family dental office that provides big city care and small town service. Whether you want to maintain a bright smile or you haven’t been to a dentist in years, Dr. Johnson will listen to you and develop and design a personal care plan specifically for you to fit your budget and needs.


Our office is in-network with the following insurance companies:

Delta Dental / Washington Dental Service (not for Delta Care), Regence, Aetna,   Premera, Blue Cross Federal, LifeWise.

Please call us at Seattle Office Phone Number >☎ Seattle Office Phone Number 206-363-1464 to schedule your complimentary consultation. Walk in’s or emergencies welcome. Or fill out the contact form.

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Generalllings / Restorations



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